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About Us

Bob and Di Carne, the people behind Bare Crush

I’d just like to tell you a little bit about us – that’s me and Bob and Bare Crush Fruit Icicles.

Our story begins in sunny Carnarvon growing beautiful mangos – you really must taste our superb Bare Crush Mango Chilli Sauce and our Spicy Mayonnaise. Both of them are ‘Carnarvon sunshine’ in a bottle with a spicy kick!

When Bob and I moved further south to Perth we had a Eureka Moment – why not turn our wonderful, juicy orchard-grown fruit into 100% Frozen Fruit Icicles? So, that’s exactly what we did and they’ve been marching out the freezer door as fast we can make them ever since!

I must tell you a funny story. In 2010 we decided to take the Bare Crush Stall on a picnic to the Mundaring Truffle Festival. It was quite a warm mid-winter day in the Perth hills – 28 degrees Celsius and our Frozen Icicles were selling like hot cakes... a poor choice of words, but you know what I mean.
The people were standing four deep at the Bare Crush Stall and we had to send Bob back to the factory to get some more. They’d forgotten all about the truffles – people were grabbing them off Bob’s trolley as he tried to wheel them over to us. We thought the Mundaring Town Crier had turned up shouting, “Cool off with Fruit Icicles at the Bare Crush Stall!”

We’ve got another stall too - at the Subiaco Market here in sunny Perth! And the good thing about that is that we’ve got much more than Fruit Icicles in 4 different flavours – we’ve got we’ve got pecan nuts from Collie, sweet local honey from the Swan Valley, award winning oils from down south, a range of preserves from the Margaret River Berry Farm and a variety of cheeses including handmade cheese direct from the farm.

Photo of Mangos

Bob and I are foundation members of ‘Fresh Food Link’ – we really believe in the importance of buying locally and many of our suppliers have become close friends. We’re also very proud of the ‘Buy West Eat Best’ campaign – here in WA we’re blessed with some of the finest gourmet produce in the country.
Bare Crush has come a long way since I dressed up as a banana to spread the word about our delicious Banana and Passionfruit Fruit Icicles!

So if you’re ever in Perth, come on down to the Subiaco Station Street Market and say hello - we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat and titillate your taste buds!!!
Enjoy the website and we’d love to hear your comments...

Bye for now,

Di and Bob Carne.
Bare Crush