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Bare Crush 100% Frozen Fruit Icicles

Carnarvon Sunshine on a stick in 4 fantastic flavours!


Available individually or in bright, bold 4 PACKS from Growers Markets and selected IGA Stores.View Stockists.

Bare Crush 100% Mango Puree

Bare Crush Mango Chutney & Sauce Varities

You must taste this - it’s simply amazing! Beautiful, golden yellow mango fruit from Carnarvon just oozing sunshine, superb taste and delicious eating!

Available in 1kg tubs and 4.5kg bulk tubs.

Bare Crush Mango Chilli Sauce

This one will really titillate your taste-buds - Carnarvon mango hand-blended with chilli, topped up with the best vinegar in town and a dash of secret spices! Bob and I are really proud of this one... it’s an original Carnarvon plantation recipe straight from the farm gate to you!

Bare Crush Mango Chutney

Another one from the sunny farm! No, not the ‘funny farm’... although sometimes it did feel a bit that way! We hand-pick the very best mangos, blend it with chilli and spices to create the most delicious mayonnaise you’ve ever tasted. It’s absolutely perfect with chicken, fish, cold meats and it is absolute heaven with hot chips! It looks fantastic on a ploughman’s lunch plate too! When you open a bottle of Bare Crush Spicy Mayo the only limit is your imagination so try some soon!

Bare Crush Mango Cheeks

Photo of Mangos

This would have to be the ‘cheekiest’ product in the Bare Crush range! Why? Because once we hand-pick the most beautiful tree-ripened Kensington Pride mangos, slice them into cheeky cheeks and freeze them then it doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. They’re snap-frozen colder than a polar bear’s nose – Carnarvon sunshine all year round!